Mediated Sculpture, by James Cook


Red Nimbus

Plaster, porcelain, wood, LCD monitor, DVD player, audio speakers, video montage, speakers

74″ × 32″ × 23″

The plaster torso might be a lost hero, warrior or philosopher, perhaps even a Greek bust of Plato? This plaster sculpture, which has literally lost its head, bears instead the porcelain dolls head of a child, producing a marriage of mismatched scales and consciousness. The top of the dolls head originally designed to receive hair remains open, above which hovers a gold and red halo. The dolls eyes shine with fluctuating light that projects from a digital screen buried in the head of this young hero-saint.

This sacred figure oversees the proceedings, while at the same time its eyes are the subject of scrutiny. By peering through these open slots one can view a series filmic images of a martial Peking Opera mixed with a military documentary of the Hiroshima aftermath, Nazi Youth rallies, and adolescent counseling films.

Main view of the sculpture
Detail view of the sculpture
Detail view of the sculpture